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Roof Removal
Dorma Roof  removal

A new beggining with a fantastic ending.

A recent colony witnessed arriving then months later found us that save bees and the contact was made. The new comb backed up what the client suggested and was very pleased to hear the bees could be saved and rehomed.

Shed Removal
Shed Removal

A colony removed from a scout hut in Derby.

The client had reported that the bees had been here for a few years and now started to cause issues, however the bees must not be killed.
Note the evidence of old comb below the new, suggesting a removal had already taken place previously.

Chimney Removal
Chimney Removal

These removals are always with Risk.

Safe access is always required with either Scaffold or Powered Access.
When working in a confined flu, not all colonies can be saved with most of the comb being destroyed in many removals. The longer the bees have been in the flu increases the possibility of not being saved, due to the depth of the brood.

We are here to try to save as many Honey Bee colonies as possible, should you have honey bees in or around your home, give us a call for advice.

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